Saturday, 6 April 2013

Garmin Edge 500 GPS Device for Cyclists

The new Garmin Edge 500 has been crafted for the pros or the ones that
are looking to break into the professional circuit. The GPS device helps
you keep track of everything associated to cycling, be it measuring the
distance you ride, tracking your speed, the time, your GPS location and
even the amount of calories you burn while riding the bicycle.

Just in case you are practicing on a steep road, the new Garmin Edge 500
allows you to see everything regarding your climb or descent courtesy of
an internal barometric altimeter.

More to it, the Edge 500 has been specifically designed to attach to the
handlebars of your bike and since it merely weighs 2 ounces, you won't
even feel it while riding. What is also good to know is that it comes
with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver which requires no calibration.

Garmin Edge 500 will serve you well for some 18 hours and costs $249.99
and in case you need to tag along a heart rate monitor and a cadence
sensor, that's another $100.
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