Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sony ICF-CL75iP Dream Machine iPhone/iPod Touch Dock

When it comes to alarm clocks and iPod docks, there's no doubting that
Sony has got that gig figured out. But even a technogiant like Sony has
got to admit that there's only so much that one can do with this
technology, right? I guess not, because they've decided to announce the
release of yet another bedside beauty, the Sony ICF-CL75iP Dream
Machine. Their latest alarm clock creation might just be too much for
your nightstand to handle with a display that could rival most netbooks
and a smattering of other goodies sure to keep you up at night.
So what if the ICF-CL75iP isn't DNLA certified or wi-fi enabled like the
NAS-Z200iR. Who cares if it won't project the time and weather in digits
three-feet tall on your ceiling? Just take a look at this thing. I think
it's way too cool to be relegated to the back row with the thousands of
other iPod docks and waking devices. One of the best features has to be
the unit's monstrous 7-in 800×480 LCD screen. The only downside I
can see would be the late-night luminosity. How is one supposed to go to
sleep with that thing in your face?
Some other items of note, the newest Sony Dream Machine supports MP4,
M-JPEG, and AVI files just in case you have a favorite little movie you
like to doze to and a slide-show function allows you to view pictures
from connected device or USB drive. To makes things a bit easier, it
also has 1GB of internal memory so you don't have to keep swapping out
your portable devices every time you want a change of scenery.
Lest I fail to mention, the ICF-CL75iP Dream Machine is also an alarm
clock and radio. And if you're tired of that incessant electronic
beeping drilling into your ear every morning, you can wake to the
soothing sounds of nature or record the sound of your choice with its
integrated 10-second recording feature. The iPod dock also retracts into
the base of the clock when it's not in use so you can save some valuable
table real estate. Unfortunately, this image is all we have right now as
Sony is keeping both the release date and regional availability close to
the vest. We do know, however, that it'll cost you $150. How's that for
a rude awakening?

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