Sunday, 7 April 2013

iPhone OS 3.1 To Offer MMS Messaging & Bluetooth Transfers?

You can also bank on some serious speculation when it comes to iPhone OS
upgrades and, never ones to shy away from joining the bandwagon (when it
seems just to do so) we can advise that, according to as yet unconfirmed
reports, the up and coming iPhone OS 3.1 is rumoured to bring the next
much requested feature after copy and paste functionality (now sorted)
to the iPhone in the form on MMS messaging whilst, purportedly, also
bringing Bluetooth file transfer capabilities to the table as well.
Of course, there's some grounding to the rumour thanks to a number of
promises made to AT T at the point when the latest iteration of the
iPhone was made available – and this alone adds credence to the
mounting speculation as it's not as if AT T come sans serious clout.
Yes, AT T later went on to state such features were no longer in the
pipeline but now, it seems, AT T – or rather an unnamed
spokesperson – has, possibly inadvertently (possibly not)
reintroduced the features as not only a possibility but, seemingly, due
and pending.

Quite whether iPhone OS 3.1 will indeed offer up MMS messaging and
Bluetooth file transfer functionality is, at present, open to exactly
what we're doing now (that being speculation) but we for one wouldn't
bet against it. In fact, for what it's worth, we'll happily move our
tent to the 'yes' camp (we can always move it later when yu aren't
watching, eh?).

Perhaps Steve Jobs will have something to say about this come his 9th
September rundown, but, in the meantime, it's all ears to the ground as
the anticipation mounts.

We'll keep you posted, naturally.

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