Thursday, 11 April 2013

Seagate FreeAgent DockStar Network Adapter

It's all about sharing. People want to share their lives with anyone
that'll listen and sites like YouTube and FaceBook are a testament to
this personal media exodus. On top of this, we all want to be able to
access our data and information no matter where we are on the planet and
if we have friends we want them to have access to it as well. Could we
be any more high maintenance? Seagate has just announced a new network
adapter called the FreeAgent DockStar and it too is all about sharing.

As the name suggests, the Seagate FreeAgent Dockstar was made to work
with the Seagate FreeAgent series of portable HDDs. But don't worry;
it's compatible with most other USB storage devices, too. The basic
premise of the Gigabit Ethernet connected DockStar is that you connect
your portable USB hard disk and it instantly becomes available to share
with your entire home network as well as anyone with an Internet
connection. The main connection cradle is made to work directly with the
FreeAgent Go portable USB hard drives but the unit also has two
rear-mounted and one side-mounted USB port so you can connect your other

Now for the rub. In order to take advantage of the Seagate FreeAgent
DockStar's sharing capabilities you'll need to use Cloud Engines'
PogoPlug service, which comes along with the dock as part of the
installation package. PogoPlug is basically the web-enabled front-end
used to access and manage the connected USB storage devices. Both you
and anyone else that wants to access the files will see the same
interface, so it appears to offer fairly seamless integration. As for
installation, you basically plug in two cables (power and Ethernet) and
then surf on over to the web activation page to activate and
automatically configure the network adapter.

Once you're up and running you just add your friends' email addresses to
the DockStar's profile and it will automatically send them an email
notification with a link to your shared drive on PogoPlug. There's also
a free iPhone app (of course there is) that gives you remote access to
your files and lets you send pictures straight from your iPhone to a
folder on the FreeAgent DockStar. As if all that weren't enough, users
can also place linked pictures and video into their MySpace, Facebook,
and Twitter profiles directly from the DockStar interface.

The Seagate FreeAgent DockStar network adapter is available for sale now
through for $99.99. The first year of the Pogoplug
service is included in your initial purchase, but after that it'll cost
you $29.99 a year for unlimited storage and access privileges.
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