Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oregon Scientific +ECO Clima Control

Admit it. You know there are days when you wish you could actually find
out what the temperature and humidity levels are in your bathroom,
bedroom, office, and kitchen. As useful as that information can be, it
doesn't help that you need to go out and buy four separate devices and
set them up in each location all the while dreading the time when you
have to actually get off the couch to walk around to each room to read
them. That can take hours. I feel your pain and so do the folks at
Oregon Scientific. Not only is their new +ECO Clima Control weather
station capable of saving you valuable time in your indoor
meteorological exploits, it can also run off of solar power, and that's
good for everyone.
The new +ECO Clima Control is basically your typical multi-location
weather station capable of reporting the exact temperature and humidity
readings in up to four locations in your home (one being where you
actually have the base station) at once. Where it does one better is in
its integrated solar panel. For it's through this nifty little addition
that you can basically run the device as long as the sun continues to
shine. According to Oregon Scientific, the solar panel is capable of
collecting enough solar power to run the weather station for up to three
months. I guess that would come in handy for those three months where
you have no sunlight. Maybe for cave dwellers and polar bears up near
the Arctic Circle.
So what else do you get? How about the future weather forecast with
graphical icons that will tell you if its going to be Sunny, Partly
Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy or Snowy. It also has a pretty large LED backlit
display, a radio-controlled clock and calendar, an alarm, and something
called a mold alert. I'm not exactly sure what a mold alert is, but my
bet is that when it goes off it doesn't have to do with the bread in
your fridge. Maybe it means that your humidity levels are too high.
Whatever the case, you can get your own +ECO Clima Control weather
station for $119.99 at
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