Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Santech LV1 Ultraportable Announced

Intel's CULV platform competing with AMD's Yukon and nVidia's Ion
platform has enabled some new kids in the block to enter the
ultraportable arena. One of these guys are Italy-based Santech who have
officially introduced their LV1 series of laptops based on CULV processors.

The new Santech LV1 weighs 1.65 kg, is very thin at 1.8cm and has a 13.3
inch screen with 1366×768 pixels resolution.

It comes in two flavors, with an Intel Core 2 Solo SU 3500 1.4GHz
processor or a Core 2 Duo SU9600 1.6GHz processor, at least 2GB of RAM
(expandable up to 4GB), a 160/320/500GB HDD or 80/160 GB SSD and an
integrated Intel GMA X4500HD graphics card.

There's also a 4-cell battery that will provide a backup of up to 6
hours while an 8-cell pack can extend this to up to 12 hours of work.

Although with these specs the new Santech LV1 is a tough competitor to
other powerful ultraportables (like the Acer Aspire 3810T for example),
the 701 Euro price tag (which is some $1,000 at today's) may keep you
from actually bringing one at home.

Speaking of a release date, there is no information as to when or
whether the LV1 will actually see daylight.
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