Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pioneer XW-NAS3 & XW-NAS5 iPod Speakers

There really isn't anything much to say when it comes to iPod speakers,
especially when they are, well, just speakers. The fact that Pioneer has
decided to enter the game makes sense, them being speaker manufacturers
and all, but choosing to do it now? Seems a bit to me like deciding that
I want to launch a new CD player now. Anyway, in what appears to be the
speaker giant's first foray into the US market for iPod/iPhone speaker
docks, Pioneer announced today the release of two new speakers, the
beginner basic XW-NAS3 and the slightly more adept (and multi-color
optioned) XW-NAS5. Please to enjoy.
Both of the new Pioneer speakers offer 2.1-channel, digitally amplified
60W output and both will play music from either your iPhone or iPod. I
supposed if you are going for simplicity you couldn't go wrong here.
They both also have LCD displays hidden behind their grills and support
Bluetooth for streaming stereo music.
The XW-NAS3 is as stripped down as they come. They don't even give you a
choice of a color, unless you count white as a color. It's meant for one
thing and one thing only and that's playing music from your iPod or
iPhone. There aren't any other features to talk about, so how about I
make some up. It will remain on your shelf until you move it. It will
consistently remain white in color throughout the lifetime of the
product. It is guaranteed to become obsolete someday. OK, enough filler.
The next in line is the XW-NAS5. Here's where Pioneer got creative. This
model comes in a couple of different colors and from what I've read,
they're black and red. You didn't expect them to get too crazy on you
now, did you? So what makes the XW-NAS5 better than the XW-NAS3? Not
much, really, unless you count an AM/FM radio and the option to listen
to ambient sounds whatever those are.
Like everything else, it seems that Pioneer has decided to withhold the
release dates and pricing. With their limited list of features I
personally would have a hard time paying anything over…who am I
kidding? Like I need another set of iPod speakers.
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