Wednesday, 10 April 2013

LG N2R1 Network Attached Storage Device

Network Attached Storage. This brings to mind devices like the Apple
Time Capsule that allow users to store massive amounts of multimedia
data on a storage device that can then be accessed via a wireless
network or DLNA compliant device (think Xbox 360 or set-top multimedia
box). Now that's something worthwhile, especially as more and more
people are hoarding massive high-definition movie collections or decades
of high-res family photos on their hard-drives with little recourse
should they suffer a massive system failure. The thought alone sends
chills down my spine. Rest easy people. LG has just announced a new
network attached storage device (NASD), the LG AN2R1, which is sure to
have wireless home networkers sighing with relief.
The LG N2R1 is basically designed to act as a storage dump for your
wireless network. You can use it to back up your networked computers or
to store your multimedia files for accessibility by other connected
devices. Now you don't have to suffer through movies on your computer's
tiny display. If you have a DLNA-ready TV you can access the NASD's
MyMedia function to stream the movies through your HDTV. The LG N2R1
uses a system of multiple hard drives to backup and store your data. The
system is called RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) and it will
sure come in handy if you have a major crash. The problem with most back
up systems, however, is that people just don't use them. It's akin to
hanging your helmet off of the back of your motorcycle as you ride it.
Now let's talk wireless connectivity for a second. Yes, in order to be
considered a NASD you have to offer wireless connectivity, this much is
clear. But why would you offer only 802.11g instead of the much faster
802.11n? This is a question for the folks at LG, because that's what
they've done on the N2R1. They should have taken a cue from Apple and
gone with the dual band 802.11n deal. Oh well, bygones.
The N2R1 includes a DVD/RW and offers compatibility with a variety of
operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. Another cool feature
lets you access the data on the unit from any Internet connection in the
world. Now you can annoy people with pictures of your kids no matter
where you happen to be. How convenient.
Look out Apple. That hot air you feel on your neck is LG breathing down
your collar and it doesn't look like they are holding back. The N2R1
Network Attached Storage Device is expected to be available this fall in
both 1TB and 2TB capacity models. Their MSRPs are $299 respectively.
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