Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Philips SPM9800/10 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse

If you make you're living on the road making presentations you'll know
only too well how your choice of mouse and other presentation related
peripherals can make the difference between slick presentations and
unmitigated disasters and with that in mind Philips have just unveiled
their SPM9800/10 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse which offers bother wireless
and USB connectivity paired with the ability to act as a non-desk based
presentation device.
The Philips SPM9800/10 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse manages to offer rather
more versatility than your average mouse (except for the likes of
Logitech's MX, of course) thanks to Philips' 360 degree TouchControl
technology that'll facilitates the mouse serving as a non-desk based
presentation device allowing you to sweep through spreadsheets,
PowerPoint slides and other presentations with motions of your hand
whilst freed from the restraints of your (probably rather limited)
working space. This grants you freedom to not only work in said limited
spaces but to patrol the room menacingly as seems obligatory when one's
making presentations (if only to ensure no one's dozing off).
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