Wednesday, 10 April 2013

iTwin Wireless USB Networking Device

How's this for an interesting concept. You can connect any two PCs that
are located anywhere in the world and as long as both machines are
connected to the Internet you can share files between them. It gets
better. Not only are the two machines networked, but it's all done using
a simple, plug-and-play USB device that splits in two. One half goes in
one PC and the other half goes in the other. That's it. No cables, no
network cards, passwords, usernames, or any of that other fun stuff that
we have to deal with when we attempt to share data between to computers.
I know, that technology doesn't exist yet, right? Wrong. A
Singapore-based technology company called iTwin has just developed what
they are calling a cableless network cable and they are set to
completely disrupt the portable storage market.
The iTwin, which was formally unveiled today at TechCrunch50 is
basically a double-ended USB device with built-in encryption. It is not
a flash drive, as it does not contain any storage space. It is meant to
share data live between any two Internet-connect computers and not to
store data. The creators assure us that the data transfer is completely
safe because every time the two halves, or twins are paired up they
randomly generate a new password, which is then used to safeguard your data.
Here's the process. You connect the paired device into Computer A and it
causes a folder to pop up. This is your shared folder. Once you have
dragged all of the files that you want to share into this folder you
disconnect one of the twins from the iTwin and connect it to Computer B.
A folder pops up on Computer B and you're connected. The creators of the
iTwin are toting it as a way to connect two PCs without wires. So what
happens if you lose one of the halves of the iTwin? You remove the
device you still have from your computer and SMS the company. They'll
disable the connection and make sure your sharing stream is not
compromised. They're also setting up the process to provide replacement
twins just in case.
While it seems that iTwin is most certainly in the early stages of
start-up (they are still looking for funding to begin manufacturing and
distribution channels are still a bit sketchy) they have stated that
they plan to begin selling the device sometime in Q1 of 2010 on their
website,, for an MSRP of $99.

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