Saturday, 6 April 2013

NZXT LEXA S Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis

NZXT has really taken the design of computer chassis to a completely
different (and insane) level. Whether it's the internal lighting or
dark, swooping designs they seem to have hit a chord with the gaming
set. It's pretty obvious that the NZXT gaming chassis is to the gaming
nerd what the Harley Davidson motorcycle is to the street biker. They're
a status symbol that signifies that you've arrived and that you're not
one to be trifled with…at least in the World of Warcraft, anyway.
The latest chassis offering from NZXT, the LEXA S, is a mid-tower gaming
chassis designed with hardcore gamers in mind. While most of the
features center upon its ability to keep things cool some of them focus
upon just looking cool.

The NZXT LEXA S chassis is designed to optimize the airflow in and out
of the unit. Just in case you didn't know, most of the things that
gamers cram into their machines emit a ton of energy in the form of heat
and this heat can pose problems to the internals if not dispensed with
in a hurry. Well, the LEXA S has definitely got your back. It's designed
to accept up to five separate fans including 120-mm fans on the front,
side, and exhaust with a 140-mm fan on top. Don't worry about having to
go out and spend a ton on extra fans either. NZXT includes the side,
rear, top, and front fans along with a fan controller that controls dual
intakes and exhausts independently. The entire idea is to give you the
option of ultra-cooling or whisper quiet modes depending upon what it is
that you happen to be up to on your machine. And most of the time, we
don't really want to know.
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