Saturday, 6 April 2013

FotoMuse iPhone App

Taking pictures has become something of a hobby for just about anyone
with a digital camera or smartphone. It would seem that the mystery of
photography has been penetrated and that even the most technologically
ignorant among us are capable of producing some fairly stunning visuals
with very little effort. I bet the real photographers out there, with
their multi-thousand dollar SLRs and big fancy studios and light boxes
are loving it. Egos aside, one of the latest iPhone apps to hit the
virtual shelves of the Apple Store, FotoMuse, lets you add some
artist-inspired effects to your photos and it's just about as easy as
hitting apply .
With FotoMuse, we've created a new category in photography –
where street glamour meets fine art via the iPhone, said photographer
and fitness expert Kris Gebhardt, who developed the app in partnership
with WebUrban LLC. In one of those beautiful happenstance moments that
seem to frequent artists, Gebhardt started to use his iPhone when his
camera jammed during a photo shoot. Well isn't that one of those lemons
and lemonade things?
In FotoMuse, you too can put Gebhardt's signature effects to good use.
You can take your shots and apply effects like grunge, uneven borders,
scratches, light leaks, toner stains, bleach, and overlays and watch the
picture of your dog wearing his latest fashion (I don't condone this
behavior, of course) transform into a verifiable work of art. It won't
be long and you'll have to rent out your own space in SoHo.
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