Friday, 12 April 2013

Kingston DataTraveler 410 USB Flash Drive Announced

The folks over at Kingston are renowned for their storage devices, and
the latest example to grab our attention from our daily routine is the
new Kingston DataTraveler 410 USB Flash Drive that the company has just

With upgraded read and write speeds averaging at 20MBps (for both), the
DataTraveler 410 thumb drive packs up to 32GB of memory and makes sure
your data is password-protected by using the built-in SecureTraveler
software that creates a secure area on the drive, called a Privacy
Zone. The biggest drawback of the Secure Traveler function is that it
only works if you're working on a Windows PC, so no luck if you're on a
MAC OS X or a Linux computer.

Available as Kingston DataTraveller DT410/4GB, DT410/8GB, DT410/16GB and
DT410/32GB, the USB flash drives come with a capless, swivel design for
added functionality and ease of use, and will sell for $26, $46, $84 and
$134, respectively. Doesn't sound like a bad solution for all your HD
photos, graphics-intensive documents, videos and music. No?
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