Friday, 12 April 2013

Kensington K66627US Sound Amplifier Cradle

There is no doubt that the popularity of the iPhone as a navigation
device has been gaining ground. There are numerous apps now available,
including NAVIGON s latest directional creation, and the larger screens
of the iPhone put them right up there with the most sizable stand-along
GPS units in terms of functionality and practicality. However, some of
the downsides to using the iPhone as a GPS has been where to mount it
and how to hear it over the sound of your car. Kensington has just
answered both of them with their new K66627US Sound Amplifier Cradle for
the iPhone.

The Kensington K66627US Sound Amplifier Cradle for iPhone essentially
two things and not much more. First and foremost, it s a cradle for your
iPhone. You basically jack your iPhone into the cradle and then you can
mount it to either the vents on the dashboard or the windshield. The
K66627US gives you all the gear necessary to do either one. Secondly,
the new cradle acts as an amplifier for your iPhone. As soon as you
place your iPhone in the cradle, the internal sound amplifier
essentially doubles the sound output of the iPhone without putting any
additional strain on its battery.
Another great feature of the Kensington K66627US Sound Amplifier Cradle
is that it s designed with a pivoting mount so you can view your iPhone
in either landscape or portrait modes while you re driving. The unit
also comes with four sets of rubber inserts to fit 2G/3G/3GS iPhones
with and without a case. Kensington plans to begin shipping the new
K66627US to Apple retail stores sometime in November. where it will sell
for about $40. Additional information and complete specs can be found at

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