Monday, 8 April 2013

Kinesis K3 Wind and Solar Charger

I'm totally into all of the green gadgets that are finally starting to
make their way to us consumers. It used to be a chore to go out and hunt
down solar chargers and it's almost unheard of to see anything
wind-powered used in conjunction with your electronics. Using the great
outdoors for your energy needs is something that should rank pretty high
on everyone's to-do list, and I'm not talking about burning the forest
either. Now you can make use of just about any alternative energy source
you choose when it comes to getting your gizmos juiced up and the
introduction of the Kinesis K3 Wind and Solar Charger gives you two of
The folks at Green Wind Solar have just introduced their
consumer-friendly Kinesis K3 charger and it does one better than most of
the solar chargers on the market today. The Kinesis K3 has combined both
solar power and wind power in one portable unit. You can charge your
digital camera, your cell phone, your iPod, just about any small
portable electronics with a USB connection. Some of the cool features
include a 2-in-1 dual charging ability for collecting your power from
the sun, wind, or both, LED indicator lights so you know your power
status, and integrated storage in the base of the unit for the adapter
tips and charging cables.
The Kinesis K3 is a great option for the outdoorsy types and those of us
that just want to do right by the Earth. It's weatherproof (which I
assume means dust and water resistance), its relatively portable, and
should work with just about any gadget that you'd want to have along on
your next camping trip. You can get your own at
for $99.95 and it comes in either black or green.
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