Monday, 8 April 2013

Brando E-Blue Gladiator USB Hard Disk Station

There are certainly a ton of options out there when it comes to how you
manage your media storage needs. From ultra-capacity portable drives to
USB flash to internal terabyte HDDs with more storage capacity than
you'll ever need in this lifetime. You can pick your poison and your
size limits with abandon. For those of us that need all of the capacity
we can get along with super fast read/write speeds it seems like our
only option has been the internal hard drive. And what are we to do if
we want to manage multiple HDDs outside of the confines of a case or
server? Enter the new Brando E-Blue Gladiator Hard Disk Station.
The E-Blue Gladiator certainly sounds impressive enough. After all, you
wouldn't go naming something the Gladiator unless you thought it had
some punch, would you? I didn't think so. With its brushed steel
exterior it certainly looks the part, but what is this thing, anyway?
The E-Blue Gladiator is basically a means to swap out multiple HDDs
without the potential data loss and difficulty often found with other
options. You connect it to your PC or Mac's USB port, run the
auto-install, and insert the HDD into the docking station. Sounds simple
According to the folks at Brando, the E-Blue Gladiator is made up to 40%
faster than traditional USB transfer speeds because of its TURBO USB
technology. Sounds like a bunch of marketing bunk to me, but you can
judge for yourself. To address one of the main issues with hot-swapping
hard drives, the E-Blue Gladiator features something called Disk Guard
that is supposed to offer data protection by locking the gate while
reading and writing to the HDD. Not only can this prevent you from
losing valuable info during a swap, but it also prevents damage caused
by humans inadvertently ejecting a drive while it's in use. And as well
all know, there's nothing worse than premature ejection.
The Brando E-Blue Gladiator has some pretty cool features for a fairly
basic HDD dock. It also has an ECO Manager setting that automatically
hibernates the unit after a pre-determined level of inactivity. You can
get your own E-Blue Gladiator at for a mere $65.

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