Saturday, 13 April 2013

iTunes & Palm Pre Syncing Update: In Short, Forget it

We ve covered the ongoing issues concerning Palm Pre and iTunes syncing
(or, as has been of late, the lack of it) on a number of occasions here
on TFTS and now, whilst we hate to be the harbingers of bad news, its
looking like Palm Pre owners can pretty much forget syncing their
handsets with iTunes for good (notwithstanding certain third part apps
that ll still grant you access) thanks to the USB Implementers Forum
getting involved.
Interestingly, the USB Implementers Forum have become involved very much
at Palm s invitation thanks to Palm complaining that Apple is
�constricting trade in ceasing to allow the Pre to sync with iTunes but
Palm s decision to go to the USB Implementers Forum to express their
frustrations has back-fired spectacularly with the body, who oversee
standards for USB connections, falling firmly on Apple s side. Not only
have the USB Implementers Forum made it clear that Apple are quite
within their rights to block Pre access to iTunes but, crucially, they
have turned the tables on Palm in stating that its actually Palm who are
in violation of the group membership agreement in facilitating the Palm
Pre as masquerading as an iPod or, as Apple term it, a device falsely
pretending to be an iPod in order to sync with iTunes.

Doubtless, it s red faces all round at Palm right now as what they
initially saw as an avenue that would potentially serve to cajole Apple
into ceasing to block Palm Pre iTunes access could not have backfired
any more disastrously than it evidently has.

If you own a Pre and you re waiting for iTunes access, without the
intervention of third party apps, to come your way then, sadly, its now
looking so much more unlikely that you d probably put it from your mind.

Still, its nice to know that Palm have been actively fighting your
corner even if, in trying to get the doors opened, they ve been left
firmly out in the cold " and, in fairness, its not as if the USB
Implementers Forum don t have a particularly valid point " however
unsavoury a point it may be.

UPDATE: It's not over yet – see Palm Pre iTunes Sync Fixed by
WebOS 1.2.1 Pre Syncing with iTunes Back On, But Probably Not For Long .
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