Thursday, 11 April 2013

Griffin MyPhones Volume-Limiting Headphones

We all know that listening to our headphones at excessive levels can
damage our hearing, yet we choose to do it anyway, right? Maybe this
falls in line with all the other things that we, as adults, choose to do
that we know full well aren't good for us. I guess that's part of the
whole free will thing. But sometimes, especially for children, making
the right choices is something better left up to the grownups in charge.
With that in mind, the folks at Griffin have decided to do something to
help protect the hearing of the younger bunch with their new MyPhones
headphones for kids.
Griffin, a company known for churning out oodles of iPod friendly
products (think power adapters, cases and FM transmitters) has just
announced the release of their new MyPhones earphones and it's a safe
bet that it'll have parents everywhere taking note. So what sets
MyPhones apart from the pack? How about a built-in noise limiting
function that automatically governs the level of sound output for
starters. MyPhones have a pre-set 85dB limit that kicks in all by itself
so that kids can't blow out their drums with extreme volumes. This is
certainly a welcome feature since parents will no longer have to nag
their kids to keep the volume down on their earphones. They'll now be
free to nag them about other things.
Not only do the MyPhones feature integrated eardrum protection, they are
completely customizable. They ship with three interchangeable decorative
inserts called ear caps that can be switched in and out to change the
look of the headphones. Kids should love the ability to personalize
their gear and parents should love that it gives their kids something to
do. Kids can also log on to a special website,,
where they are free to download and create even more ear cap designs.
The set also comes with a couple of blank ear caps onto which the new
designs can be printed. Oh yeah, and the included carrying case can be
customized in the same way.
Griffin's MyPhones kid-friendly sound limiting headphones are expected
to be available sometime in October with a retail price of $30. You can
get the whole story by visiting

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