Thursday, 11 April 2013

DXG-125V HD Camcorder

Are you the kind of person that is more at home jumping off of a cliff
or skydiving rather than veged out on your couch in front of your
bigscreen HDTV? If you are than you probably have a limited amount of
time left on this planet so you'll want to document your final moments
in stunning HD clarity for all to see. The problem is, most camcorders
are too big to carry along in your jump pack and not rugged enough to
take the likes of someone like you. Enter the new DXG-125V HD camcorder
from, who else, DXG. It has been designed to give you both durability
and HD quality video in a portable package that's perfect for the
extreme sports nut or outdoorsman.
The DXG-125V features a durable rubber handgrip, integrated carabiner,
and compass so you can attempt to find your way out of the Alaskan
wilderness before a bear eats your face for lunch. According to the
folks at DXG the DXG-125V is pretty rugged, although there's no mention
of what drop testing they have performed. It also has a splash-proof
exterior that they claim can be rinsed off if it falls into a muddy
puddle. I'm not sure how they quantify something like splash-proof, but
it's my bet that it's not waterproof so I'd keep it out of the lake. In
other words, unless you can get info on how a company measures
durability, caveat emptor.
The DXG-125V has a 2-inch LCD display, built-in MP3 player, and 128MB of
built-in memory that's expandable to 8GB with SD card memory. The video
is recorded at 30fps, 720p HD and you can take still pictures with the
2x digital zoom 3MP digital camera function. As for connectivity, it has
an HDMI-out for connecting to HDTV and USB so you can download your
films and images onto your PC or Mac. They even throw in some free video
editing software, Mr. Photo, VideoWorks, ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme.
The DXG-125V HD camcorder is available at retailers today for $139.99.
You can find out more by visiting

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