Saturday, 13 April 2013

Exploding iPhones Investigated by the European Commission

The European Commission is concerned about the alleged iPhone explosions
that have been reported on the old continent. Apparently, the EU is
investigating the whole thing as they're interested to know if the
touchscreen smartphone is dangerous to the health of users, and if it
turns out that it's a fire hazzard it may get banned from being used and
from selling in stores throughout Europe.

Folks from Apple haven't made any official statement regarding the
issue, but we're pretty sure they won't acknowledge anything and that
the response will not mention any problems regarding their device.

But since exploding electronics are nothing new, with laptops bursting
in fire because of the battery, we're being led to believe that there
are either different components used in the European models or the
network is causing all sorts of flaws. Or maybe it's just that the
iPhone simply don't like it on the old continent.

We're a bit skeptical that the smartphone will ever be banned in Europe,
but hey, bad publicity is still publicity.
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