Saturday, 13 April 2013

Apple & Intel Develop 10Gbps Light Peak Universal Connector

You can t say you re not excited about the prospect of USB 3.0. The new
standard is official and all we need now are gadgets capable of using
it. We have shown you the other day the first USB 3.0 hard drive, the
Freecom XS 3.0, and we can expect even more USB 3.0-ready devices to
appear in the following months. But how successful will USB 3.0 really
be? Sure it s 10 times faster than USB 2.0 but do you know what s
coming? It's called Light Peak and it's the hottest new connector in town.
Light Peak is an out of the box idea conceived by Apple in 2007 and
developed by Intel at Apple s request. Light Peak is a new optical
standard that s currently developed for future Apple ultrathin laptops
and tablets but it will surely become more popular than that. It s not
just a simple new connector; it s an universal connector which will
offer 10Gbps speeds. Imagine having a couple of Light Peak ports
available that would be able to handle FireWire, USB, Display Interface
and even Ethernet.
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