Sunday, 14 April 2013

Clickfree Transformer SE USB Backup Adapter Released

Clickfree have today announced that their new Clickfree Transformer SE
USB adapter, that will allow end users to backup files to both their
iPods and/or iPhones as well as any external USB hard drives as well as
assist in importing music from iPod/iPhones to Windows or Mac based
computers has been released.
According to Clickfree s press release the Transformer SE �instantly
transforms any external USB hard drive into a Clickfree automatic backup
solution, completely eliminating the hassle and confusion of installing
and configuring backup software while still allowing the full
functionality of an external drive though, aside from this it ll also
happy assist you in now only saving and restoring files to/from both
iPods and iPhone it can even help �retrieve music that has been locked
on an older model iPod quickly and easily .

�Millions of people have bought external USB hard drives with the good
intention of conducting regular backups " but those devices are now
gathering dust. Most people find that it s too complicated or the drives
don t come with Clickfree standard features like email backup. As a
result, those external drives have become nothing more than a expensive
paperweight. The Transformer SE brings those units back to life and
allows you to effortlessly backup all of your precious memories and data
simply by plugging it in. � says Bryan McLeod, CEO of Clickfree.
�Consumers are looking for functional electronic products that won t
hurt their wallets, especially with the holidays approaching. Clickfree
has created an all-in-one solution that allows you to take advantage of
the storage products you already own �.

The Clickfree Transformer SE, which is apparently available now (though,
as at the time of writing, we re yet to locate it on Clickfree s site "
that said, it is only 0223hrs here so we ll give them a little time)
will set you back just shy of pound sterling60.
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