Friday, 5 April 2013

Casio EX-Z280, Z-33 Digital Cameras

It would seem that most digital camera manufacturers are working
diligently to spruce up their product portfolios in time for the holiday
shopping season and Casio is certainly no different. They are among the
latest to breathe new life into their line with the introduction of two
new entry-level digital cameras. The latest introductions to the popular
EXILIM ZOOM line, the 12.1MP EX-Z280 and the 10.1MP EX-Z33, offer the
user digital video options and ease of use, both of which are sure to
make these models popular with the gift-giving set.
Casio announced today that they would be launching two new entry-level
digital cameras into their EXILIM ZOOM line of point-and-shoot models.
The EX-Z280 leads the charge powered by the newly updated EXILIM Engine
4 processor that the company claims produces better image quality while
also extending battery life. The EX-280 also sports several new features
formerly unavailable in the lower-level models including 720p video
recording and a new version of Dynamic Photo that allows the user to
embed animated clip art on-camera. Without actually seeing that last
one, I couldn't tell you what that really means or why you'd want to do
it. The compact gets a 26-104mm equivalent, wide-angle 4X lens and can
also shoot at a wider light sensitivity range than most compacts, moving
from as little as ISO 64 up to ISO 3,200.
The little brother to the EX-Z280, the EX-Z33, doesn't have as many
bells and whistles as its big brother. It uses the previous generation
of Casio's imaging engine so it won't be able to record in 720p. For
video, the EX-Z33 tops out at 480p widescreen. It also lacks the
upgraded Dynamic Photo so its sensor has been reduced to 10.1MP and will
shoot at a maximum ISO 1600.
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