Monday, 8 April 2013

Altec Lansing iML237 Orbit Speakers

Just over two years ago, Altec Lansing introduced its Orbit line of
portable speakers and it seemed that they were destined to end up in the
throwaway category. They were small, fairly low-powered, and required
three AAA batteries to keep them going. Oh yeah, and they didn't have a
USB connection. That was so 2007. My how times have changed. In what
appears to be a feat of customer-focused reengineering, Altec Lansing
today announced the re-release of their Orbit line of speakers and this
time they mean it. The new Orbit iML237 speakers are an ultra-portable
pair of speakers that has ditched the batteries and connection cables in
lieu of a more notebook-friendly demographic.
The new Orbit USB weighs in at less than six ounces and boasts Altec
Lansing's Audio Alignment design, which, according to the folks at Altec
Lansing, is the precise balance and craftsmanship of the key audio
components — the driver, the enclosure and the electronics. Now
that is definitely some big talk for such small speakers. The speakers
sport a cool circular shape and feature retractable stands so you can
prop them up on your desk or other hard surface. Along with the two
speakers, the Orbit USB includes a neoprene case with hook-on carabineer
as well as tangle-free cord storage.
The new Altec Lansing Orbit USB speakers are 100% USB connected and no
longer have the attached 3.5-mm plug for jacking in your iPod or cell
phone. This pretty much means that they have relegated this set of
soundmakers to the laptop set. The also might make a great addition to a
corporate meeting room for enhanced multimedia presentations.
The Altec Lansing Orbit USB iML237 will be available in mid-September at
BestBuy, and other leading consumer electronics retailers, as
well as at MSRP is $49.95.

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