Monday, 8 April 2013

640GB Samsung Spinpoint M7 Hard Disk Unveiled

With SSD pricing coming down not quite as quickly as we need SSD total
capacities to rise the traditional hard drive market is far from dead
and, to that end, Samsung have unveiled a new 2.5 hard drive in its
Spinpoint M7 HDD range that serves to up the range's maximum capacity
from 500GB to 650GB.
Boasting an areal density of 516-Gigabit per square inch for each of its
320GB capacity platters – a 28% increase in density per platter
than seen with Samsung's 500GB Spinpoint M7 HDD – the new 640GB
Samsung Spinpoint M7 is being targeted specifically at high-end mobile
gaming rigs needing increased storage capacity along with enhanced shock
resistance – and, to that end, the new 640GB Spinpoint M7 offers
400G shock resistance during operation and 900G whilst powered down.

With the addition of the new internal drive to the M7 series, our
customers will get the best viable combination of density, performance
and reliability that is essential for high-end notebooks and mobile
applications, said C.H. Lee, vice president, Storage sales marketing,
Samsung Electronics. Samsung maximizes the density level of its
platters to enhance the reliability and stability of its internal hard

The newly announced 640GB Spinpoint M7 hard disk, which embraces
Samsung's SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies to keep noise levels to
an absolute minimum whilst also touting halogen-free construction, thus
offering compliance with the European Union's Directive on the
Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and
Electronic Equipment (RoHS), is set to commence shipping in Europe and
the US later this month (mid-September) with pricing coming in at just
shy of $150.
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