Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Zeal Optics Transcend Ski Goggles Feature Futuristic HUD Goggles Show GPS, Speed and Altitude on Heads Up Display

Zeal Optics, the Boulder, Colorado-based manufacturer of ski and
snowboard goggles and optics, has created a new heads-up-display system
that is integrated directly into a new kind of goggle.ย The Zeal Optics
Transcend goggles feature a HUD that shows GPS, speed, altitude, a
vertical odometer and more all while their wearer is speeding down the
snow-covered slopes.
The Zeal Optics Transcend Goggles use the lens portion of the unit not
only to protect the wearer's eyes, but as a visual display of ride and
location data.ย An image is inset into the goggles that displays a
range of data including GPS location information, ride speed, the
rider's current altitude as well as a trip odometer showing the total
distance traveled.ย The wearer can scroll through these data screens
using three buttons on the right side of the goggles.
This new technology by Zeal Optics begs the question, why didn't they
think of this before? ย The Transcend ski goggles bring the virtues of
information and safety to winter sport, a pretty revolutionary
relevation by Zeal Optics.ย The new HUD goggles will begin shipping
this October for between $350 and $450.Read | Or scroll down for further
on topic reading.
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