Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Digital Storm Shows Off BlackOPS Desktop BlackOPS Desktop Features Factory Overclocking, Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling, Core i7

Boutique computer manufacturer Digital Storm revealed their latest
desktop creations today, and they're quite the desktop monsters. They'll
start at $1,700 and easily go upwards from there and they'll feature
such luxuries as factory overclocking, sub-zero liquid cooling and
high-end parts from Intel and ATI.
The default configuration of the BlackOPS desktop, named Performance
comes with an Intel i5-750 processor, with a clockspeed of 2.66GHz.
It'll have 4GB of DDR3 memory, along with NVIDIA GTX 275 graphics and
Windows 7. Like all of these boutique manufacturers, any of that is
upgradable. The memory can be upped to 6GB of DDR3, and they'll throw in
a Core i7-970 (3.2GHz) at your request.
The default power supply is a 750W model, with a 1250W model needed for
some of the watercooling and higher-end graphics cards. Digital Storm
offers a Noise Suppression Package, where they'll use noise dampening
metals and adjust the fans to get your new desktop as quiet as possible.
As said above, they also offer a liquid cooling solution that gets your
processor frosty cold (below zero Fahrenheit, actually). No word if it's
a closed loop system or if it requires maintenance. As for the factory
overclocking, they'll stress-test the computer for three days (72 hours)
to make sure the system is stable before shipping it out to you. Even if
it isn't, they've got you covered with a three-year warranty.
Digital Storm didn't miss the opportunity to talk some trash about the
other PC boutique makers, Unlike other gaming PC integrators, who
simply cram the latest hardware into chassis, Digital Storm s engineers
select the highest quality components and ensure that every piece works
in perfect unison with each other. Rajeev Kuruppu, their Director of
Product Development, said in the press release.
The BlackOPS series of desktops are now shipping from Digital Storm, and
they start at $1,700, and go up to $3,100.Read | Or scroll down for
further on topic reading.
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