Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Windows Mobile 7 to Offer Free Navigation & Cure for Cancer Free Navigation Coming to Windows 7 Phones; Windows Mobile 6.x to Become Free of Charge after MWC?

MWC 2010 is coming really soon and one can almost feel the tension in
the air. Although we re going to see a plethora of new handsets and
mobile gadgets next week the main attraction of the event is going to be
Windows Mobile 7 and the rumored Microsoft Zune-like smartphones.
Today we heard some new rumors regarding Microsoft s mobile platform and
they basically fit right into place with what the competition is doing.
Specifically we re told that Microsoft is looking to include free
navigation within Windows Mobile 7. Like that s not enough Microsoft is
also said to offer all previous Windows Mobile 6.x versions free of
charge although I doubt anyone will still want them.
Getting back to free navigation, that s something Redmond officials have
to deal with and do so fast. Nokia, one of their major competitors has
already setup free Ovi Maps with driving and walking free navigation
support. The new Ovi Maps version became quite popular and all of
Nokia's future GPS-enabled phones will be launched with a pre-loaded
copy of it on board.
But it was Google the company that opened up Pandora s box with its free
navigation included in updated Google Maps versions for the Motorola
Droid and the Nexus One. While free navigation was available in the U.S.
only at first, Google has just decided to also allow Europeans to take
advantage of its turn by turn navigation system.
As you can see everyone is doing free navigation these days so
Microsoft, and even Apple later on, will simply have to offer this
feature to their future customers.
Nothing is really official just yet so take everything with a grain of
salt. We ve been let down by Redmond before which means there s no point
getting over excited about Windows Mobile 7 just yet.
As for Windows Mobile 6.x versions we can only imagine that they will
power those smartphones that don t have the hardware necessary to run
Windows 7. Even if it will become free of charge we will expect Windows
Mobile fans to switch to Windows 7 as soon as the later hits the market.
Any thoughts on Microsoft s upcoming Windows Mobile 7 OS?
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