Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Samsung 2TB EcoGreen HDD Revealed Samsung Adds Large Environmentally Friendly HDD To Offerings

We've seen Samsung's EcoGreen hard drives before, they're marketed as
environmentally friendly hard drives. You may be wondering how spinning
magnetic disks can be friendly to the environment, but Samsung aims for
the EcoTriangle in their EcoGreen products – eco-friendly parts,
low-power consumption and low-noise.
To meet their EcoTriangle for this model, Samsung has gotten rid of any
halogen compounds or brominated flame retardant chemicals in the
construction of this new drive, dubbed the F3EG. The F3EG meets all
environmental regulations, including the European Union's RoHS. For
getting the sound consumption down, they're using some prioparty
technology called SilentSeek and NoiseGuard that quiet down the EcoGreen
In addition to all that, the F3EG features an advanced design that has
less moving parts than a conventional HDD. Samsung is claiming that the
device will use 40% power when in idle mode and 10% power when reading
or writing.
As said earlier, Samsung's EcoGreen line of hard drives has been around
for a years and it's been pretty well received by the press and industry
groups. Samsung claims that its drives have been selected for best-in
class awards for power consumption two years running by the IDEMA Japan
hard drive industry group.
The drives will have a SATA 3.0Gbps interface, and will be out with both
16MB or 32MB buffers. The drivers will be sold in either 2TB or 1.5TB
sizes and will start at $180.
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