Wednesday, 25 April 2012

VIZIO HDTVs With Internet Apps Now Shipping VIZIO TVs Let You Access Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, others

VIZIO is now shipping their collection of HDTVs that are enabled with
VIZIO Internet Apps. This is a huge score for fans of IPTVs as VISIOs
are generally low-cost HDTVs and now, even entry-level TVs are getting
internet connectivit

y. The apps are web-based and there are a ton of popular ones out
– as you can imagine.
Any VIZIO XVT or XVT Pro television will be equipped with the apps. The
following apps have been confirmed – Flickr, Pandora, Twitter and
Facebooks. For IPTV, they'll have content from Revision3 and CNET TV,
and for video on demand, they've got a wide selection, including VUDU,
Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster. The TVs are also apparently Yahoo
Connected devices, so you can use a wide variety of Yahoo's TV apps
onย them, as well.
The TVs themselves aren't bad, either.ย They're 1080p sets, of course.
The contrast ratio comes in at 2,000,000:1. The LED backlit screen is at
240Hz and features localized dimming. On the back, it features a
whopping five HDMI ports and an Ethernet port.
Wires are a pain, however, and your new VIZIO XVT HDTV will also feature
WiFi in the flavors of 802.11b/g/n. While just a few years ago, it would
have been laughable if a TV had a WiFi connection, it won't be long
before even the cheap 25-inch models are coming with Internet
connectivity. The XVT and XVT Pro HDTVs are even coming with a remote
control that features a hidden QWERTY keyboard on the back for full
control over your apps.
The VIZIO XVT line is now shipping, starting at $950 for a 42-inch
model. They're now shipping from Amazon, and a little bird tells me that
Amazon is offering free shipping on them for the time being.

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