Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Samsung Omnia HD Gains JB1 Firmware Update Omnia HD Update Available via PC Studio 7, Offers Kinetic Scrolling, Faster Web Browser

By way of a brief update for those of you who with the Samsung Omnia HD
smartphone as you can now get your hands on the new JB1 firmware which,
aside from offering numerous bug fixes and enhancements, also brings
kinetic scrolling to the Omnia HD (though only to certain parts of the UI).
Aside from kinetic scrolling the Samsung Omnia HD JB1 firmware update
also tweaks the Omnia HD s camera whilst also enhancing the
responsiveness of the Omnia HD s web browser but, by way of a word of
warning, as the update will see your phone left with a mere 17MB of free
memory (rather than the 30MB you will have had free pre-update) you may
find that your Omnia HD struggles somewhat under heavy loading " that
said, we re not seeing any user reports confirming this just yet so
perhaps the drastic cut in free memory isn t going to have the impact
one readily assume it should.
The Samsung Omnia HD JB1 firmware update, which has just been made
available, can be obtained via PC Studio 7 but, in light of the above,
we d strongly suggest you ensure backup your phone prior to applying the
new firmware (just in case). But you always backup devices prior to
updates, right? Yeah, me too.
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