Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nexus One 3G Issues Continue Post Nexus One Update Nexus One 3G Problems Now Hint at Possible Hardware Issue

Back in January we covered the issues being experienced by many Nexus
One owners concerning 3G reception and then, later, we offered you a
heads up concerning the (subsequently released) patch that was supposed
to address the Nexus One s 3G problems but, it seems, said patch has not
resolved the 3G coverage issues which still persist " possibly now
hinting that the problem may by hardware based (which, if this indeed
transpires to be the case, could get particularly messy).
Interestingly, whilst users in Google s support forums are still
reporting sketchy 3G reception on their Nexus One s its now also become
evident that the Nexus One can even loose 3G connectivity merely when
being held at the bottom of the handset, as is evidenced by the video
below which, again, gives a strong hint that the problem could be
hardware based.
Of course if you are still experiencing 3G connectivity issues
concerning your Nexus One we would like to remind you that you now have
a tech support line available to you so why not let them know (like they
don t know already).Read | Or scroll down for further on topic reading.
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