Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NEC Unveils Giant Flat Panel Display NEC P701 Measures In At 70-inches, Comes Without TV Tuner, $12k Price

NEC's American division has unveiled a giant flat-panel display. The NEC P

701 will measure in at 70-inches. Sure, we've seen bigger prototype
displays at CES, but considering those +100-inch models never make it to
mass production, you've got to have some respect for this NEC.

NEC isn't marketing this at home theater usage. Instead, this P701 is
aimed at 24/7 operation, like you'd see in airports, hospitals and other
public information ventures. Likewise, the default model of the display
will not ship with a TV tuner – that is, it won't have inputs for
television. Not that strange when you consider this is a commercial
display. It will, however, support full 1080p HD.
In addition to the lack of a TV tuner, the display also features clock
and scheduling software, to allow automatic shutdown and start up. It
also has eco-friendly software and options, allowing you to see the
carbon footprint of running a 70-inch LCD display 24/7 (hopefully it's
LED backlit, not mercury, though the press release doesn't say),
although NEC does promise that the display has the same power
consumption as the smaller, older 65-inch model.
It also supports NEC's TileMatrix feature, which lets you easily network
multiple of these displays together for a video-wall style application.
TileMatrix will support a maximum number of 100 displays, arranged in a
10 by 10 grid.
The P701 will start shipping in Mid-March 2010. NEC is planning to show
off the device at the 2010 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, later this
month. This display will set you back $11,799. If you care to use one as
a home theater display, model with a TV tuner include is coming sometime
after the first model.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic reading.

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