Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bookeen Shows Off The Orizon eReader New eReader To Feature 6-inch Display

The folks at Bookeen showed off their second generation eReader, named
Orizon , at CES last month. We covered their earlier attempt, the Cybook
Opus, when it was released and now the Orizon features some
improvements, including a touchscreen. Plus, the French eReader company
has also planning to make some changes to their Cybook Opus line.
On the outside, the Bookeen Orizon is very similar to its earlier
version, but they've made some changes. They've upgraded the screen size
a bit – it's now a 6-inch screen over the 5-inch screen. The
screen on the new device is now a touchscreen, although, Bookeen
apparently lost some dpi on the change. We reported that the Cybook Opus
had a dpi of 200 while Bookeen is saying the Orizon has a 167 dpi.
On the outside, the device isn't bad looking. It's pretty slim and is
only 0.5 cm thick. Bookeen didn't say who made their electronic paper
display, but it does use In-Cell technology, which apparently means
capacitive as they note the touchscreen can be used without a stylus.
No word on how much internal storage the Orizon will have (the previous
model, Cybook Opus, had 1GB), but it will support WiFi, Bluetooth or USB
connectivity. The Orizon will run version 3.0 of Bookeen's eReader OS,
called Book Reader . They promise that it will be quicker than previous
versions of the software. For file formats, the device is only
compatible with ePub.
No word on a release date (or even if this French company will release
the Orizon outside of France), but they were telling the press at CES
that it will cost $250, which is a competitive price for such a device.
Also, they've declared that they'll be expanding their Cybook Opus line
by offering multiple colors to the device.

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