Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Apple iTunes Preview Feature Lets You Browse for Apps in Regular Browsers New Apple iTunes Preview Feature Points to Browser-Ready App Store Version

Looking for apps for the iPhone and iPod touch can be annoying if you re
not exactly interested in buying any. But what if one could brow
se the App Store in a regular, old-fashioned browser? Wouldn t that be
convenient? Well it looks like iTunes Preview can do that for you now!
Apple has silently rolled out a web version of its App Store. All you
have to do is select the �Copy Link � option from the iTunes
application and the URL will take you there. The site offers you a full
description, pricing details and screenshots of any application from the
App Store. Not a bad feature, wouldn t you agree?
Furthermore users have access to system requirements, customer reviews,
update details and they also get information regarding the developer s
official Web site and support pages.
The website does require some more tweaking and tuning as it looks like
it won t be able to compare to the iTunes application when it comes to
actually browsing the App Store. Looking for new software or music will
not work as good as on iTunes and you won t be able to search for any
specific applications from within the browser.
iTunes Preview already works with music content and users can now
preview songs thanks to those 30-seconds samples that can be played
within the browser without the actual need of opening the iTunes player.
It looks like Apple might slowly be moving towards a new iTunes concept:
direct access to all the content available, music, videos and apps, from
any browser connected to the Internet. Such a move sounds very
interesting as it won t require you to download the application on your
device and maybe not even store the content locally.
Nothing is official yet and in the mean time we ll have to stick to
buying music, apps and video shows from the iTunes app. But it will be
interesting to see what happens with the whole iTunes concept in the
future as Apple is getting ready for even more content with the
introduction of their new iBook store.

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