Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Zune Phone to be Unveiled at the MWC? Rumors Point to a MWC 2010 Zune Phone Debut; Nvidia Tegra on Board

One of the hottest phones that could be unveiled at MWC 2010 is the Zune
Phone. Not only will Microsoft unveil Windows Mobile 7 in Barcelona this
month but it also looks like the company is getting ready to get their
feet wet in the cell phone-selling business. Until now Microsoft has
been just a software and OS provider for mobile phones. But if these
rumors prove to be correct we might see Microsoft become a cell phone
manufacturer too.
The Zune Phone has been rumored for a while now but every time it was
brought up some Microsoft executive, if not Steve Ballmer himself,
denied the company s intentions of making its own in-house phone. The
Zune Phone will probably merge Windows Mobile 7 s new features with the
Zune platform. The resulting machine should be able to compete against
the iPhone and the Google Nexus One.
Microsoft is going to take on a huge gamble if indeed the Zune Phone
becomes reality. Microsoft fans around the world, if there are still
any, will definitely have high expectations from such a product. But
should Microsoft not be able to deliver a very hot smartphone then the
competition, and mainly Apple, will use that to their advantage even more.
Surprisingly it s a Spanish blog that confirmed the Zune Phone. Maybe
they happen to have inside information as to what Microsoft is scheduled
to present in Barcelona later this month but they are confident that the
Zune Phone exists. In fact the phone is going to use Nvidia s Tegra
platform, which could prove to be a great association for a hot phone.
Other rumored specs are a 480 x 272 touchscreen display, HDMI video out
and, of course, Windows Mobile 7.
Everything should be confirmed at the MWC when Microsoft officials will
introduce Windows Mobile 7. Until then we ll be waiting for Redmond to
deny everything.
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