Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Toshiba Portege Convertible Notebook Tablet Revealed Leak Out of Italy Reveals New Tablet PC From Toshiba

Remember when the iPad was going to make the Windows-style Tablet PC
obsolete? Then it turned out to be a super-sized iPod Touch and a market
for Tablet PCs still existed. A leak out of Italy is showing off a new
Toshiba convertible notebook-tablet PC that is running Windows 7 and
will support all of it's multi-touch features.
The new convertible notebook will be christened the M780. For those
unfamiliar with convertible tablets, it can be used like a regular
notebook, but the screen can be spun around and folded back onto the
keyboard and be used like you'd expect a tablet to be used. The screen
will be a 12-inch TruBright model and will be running at 1200 x 800. The
screen will recognize multi-touch.
The computer will come running Windows 7, and you will be able to use
Windows 7's multi-touch controls perfectly on the new computer. As for
the specs, the computer will come with either your choice of a Core i3
or i5 processor. It'll be upgradable to 8gB of DDR3 RAM, no word on what
the default selection will be. It will feature 2.5 HDDs or SSDs, and
will feature what Italian website notebookitalia calls Toshiba's 3D
accelerometer , which, reportedly will be able to protect hard drives
from dropped laptops. How this is possible, isn't explained.
The notebook will be aimed at the business-market, and will have a
spill-resistant keyboard and will weigh in at 2 kg. They'll start
shipping in Europe and the Middle East in Q2 of this year, but no word
on pricing. Blog Gizmodo speculates that the laptop will cost in excess
of $3,000.

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