Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sony Wants in on the iPad-like Tablet Business Sony to Launch Its Own Tablet Soon?

The iPad is already an innovative device despite its shortcomings. The
gadget has resurrected the tablet business and Apple s main competitors
are going to follow this new trend and launch their own tablets soon.
One of them is Sony and the company might launch its own iPad-like
tablet in the near future. Should we assume that a Vaio tablet is on the
way as we speak?
Nobuyuki Oneda, Sony s CFO said during a news conference held to present
s quarterly financial results that the tablet market is �a market
they are also very interested in. � He went on to say that Sony has the
skills to make such a product and we tend to believe him. Sony makes
some pretty decent computers so why not make a tablet too? But will a
Sony tablet be better than the iPad? Will it also be as affordable as
the iPad?
Oneda also acknowledged the fact that time-wise Sony is just a little
behind Apple but that is not necessarily a problem. We ve seen so many
tablets already announced for 2010 but there s still space for some
more. By the end of the year we will be able to judge which manufacturer
has truly been able to establish itself as the tablet maker that s worth
following. And that s not necessarily going to be Apple even if
Cupertino opened the doors to unleash this whole tablet frenzy.
The future Sony tablet will have its own store for music, movies, games
and eBooks. What s more interesting is that Sony already has a reader,
the Sony Reader Daily Edition which has been conceived in order to fight
the Kindle. Will Sony ditch the readers in favor of the upcoming
tablets? Oneda said that the Daily Edition �has received great acclaim
and they plan to expand sales going forward. � In other words Sony s
upcoming unnamed tablet will also compete against Sony s readers when it
becomes available in stores later this year.
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