Wednesday, 15 December 2010

ATI Radeon 5450 Graphics Card Revealed ATI's New Radeon 5450 Brings Triple-Monitor Support On The Cheap

ATI has released a new Radeon graphics processor that offers HD playback
and triple-monitor support for a low cost.ย The ATI Radeon 5450 can
support full 1080i HD video playback and is capable of stretching an
image across three screens, a feature not standard in most low-end
graphics cards.
The ATI Radeon 5450 is designed as an
entry level introduction to the ATI Radeon graphics cards.ย It
features the ATI Radeon Eyefinity system, which allows a user to stretch
an image across multiple displays.ย Gaming, video and productivity
software can now be spread across a multi-monitor setup without
investing in a high-end graphics processor.
While the ATI Radeon 5450 can certainly support video game playback, it
doesn't pack the firepower needed to display visually taxing games like
Crysis or GTAIV.ย It is designed to be a basic graphic card for media
PCs or other low-level systems that don't require hardcore graphics
processing.ย The new unit is shipping now for $50 per unit, not a bad
investment for someone who wants to run the Eyefinity system without
spending an arm and a leg…

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