Friday, 3 December 2010

Samsung S5620 Monteo Smartphone Leaked Samsung's Latest Smartphone Features 3-inch Touchscreen, Still Comes With TouchWiz

Images of Samsung's latest smartphone creation have hit the internet
today. The alleged S5620 Monteo will feature a sharp design and a
3-inch touchscreen. Samsung has never done particularly well with their
smartphone offerings, between their touchscreen models an
d the business-aimed QWERTY-featured BlackJack line.
While the phone hasn't been officially announced, and ergo, there aren't
official specs, the leak and his pictures have revealed a few things
about the upcoming Monteo. Samsung will still be sticking with their
dreadful TouchWiz UI OS. Granted, they could of improved it, but my
personal experience with that operating system is that it's horrible.
You've got to wonder why Samsung won't put Maemo or Android on their
phones. Even the upcoming touchscreen optimized Windows Mobile 7 might
be a better change.
Back to the Monteo, it'll feature a 3G/GSM connection, WiFi support,
aGPS and 200MB of internal memory. A microSD card slot exists for
expanding the memory. It'll feature a digital camera, but no flash
whatsoever. My reservations about TouchWiz aside, the phone is
beautiful. Disregarding the smaller touchscreen, the phone gives the
iPhone and Nexus One a run for their money in the looks department.
Samsung was one of the first Asian countries to begin producing mobile
phones, as they released their first mobile phone in 1988. Since then,
they've been successful with so-called dumbphones , and they achieved
$2 billion in net income in 2007. Despite that success, Samsung has
never had much luck capturing the hearts of the tech savy with their
smartphone offerings.
No word on when we can expect the S5620 to be officially announced, or
any details on pricing or availability.

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