Friday, 3 December 2010

Netgear Push2TV Adapter Revealed Netgear's Notebook-TV Video Adapter Uses Intel's WiDi

Somewhere under all the tablets and 3D, a big story from CES earlier
this month was missed, and that was Intel's WiDi (Wireless Display)
technology that they showed off. WiDi lets you use your HDTV has a
display for your WiDi-enabled notebook. While it uses 802.11n, nothing
new, it is extremely streamlined and simplified – and Netgear has
released the first HDTV-side adapter for the technology.
Netgear's adapter, the Push2TV PVT1000, is reportedly slightly larger
than two decks of c
ards and features just two outputs, HDMI and composite. While AV nerds
might be disappointed at the lack of component, VGA, DVI, S/PDIF, RCA
– you've got to remember that Intel (and their partners, like
Netgear) are trying to keep the WiDi stuff simple, hence the inclusion
of only two ports.
Another benefit of using the WiDi technology is that it's reportedly as
easy as pressing the 'link' button on the Netgear adapter and the
software on the notebook can do the rest. The Netgear adapter is the
first to hit the market, it's currently out for $90.
On the notebook end, you'll need a Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 equipped
computer (Sorry, no Atom), and some free software Intel is providing.
Intel and their partner Best Buy are reporting that a WiDi-ready
notebook is as cheap as $800 at Best Buy. You probably can find cheaper
ones if you look a little harder.
IPTV has been slowly gaining popularity. Some people may opt to use
notebook computers and this new WiDi technology over the numerous
set-top boxes we've seen.
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