Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Texas Instruments OMAP4 Chipset Revealed The TI OMAP4 Promises A Large Jump In Processing Power

Texas Instruments has revealed a new chipset to replace the current
OMAP3 unit, one that proposes a significant upgrade in processing
power.ย The TI OMAP4 chipset is a dual-core mobile processing system
that boasts extraordinary capabilities, shown off in a test prototype
that pushes its power to the limit.

/span>To show off its new OMAP4 chipset, TI built a dream machine
mobile device with all the processing needs a consumer could have.ย The
test unit includes two displays, a pico projector, an HDMI out, a 12MP
digital camera, a slew of mobile protocols and sensors, basically
everything but the kitchen sink.ย The OMAP4 chip handles all of this
just fine, and without a whimper.
The TI OMAP4 is actually built to handle even more.ย The 1GHz dual-core
OMAP4 chipset can handle full 1080p video recording at 30fps, three
simultaneous displays, 20MP image processing and supposedly 145 hours of
audio playback per charge.ย It'll be years until a mobile device could
even handle that power, but apparently Texas Instruments is planning ahead.
The TI OMAP4 chipset should hit the market in late 2010 or early 2011.ย
It'll likely be included in smartphones, netbooks, tablets and ebook
readers in the years ahead.

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