Saturday, 4 December 2010

New Microsoft Xbox 360 Hard Disk Doubles Capacity Xbox Hard Drive Add-on Offers 250GB, Set For Japan – Wider Rollout Not Presently Planned

It s official, Microsoft are set to offer up a new capac
ity hard drive for their Xbox 360 console from next month which sees a
doubling of storage capacity over than presently offered by the Xbox 360
The new Xbox 360 250GB hard disk is set to hit shelves in Japan from
March 11th with pricing coming in at around the equivalent of $172 but,
interestingly, Microsoft have stated that they presently have no plans
to introduce the new Xbox 250GB HDD " which offers twice the capacity
of the Xbox Elite s HDD " elsewhere (we expect that, regardless of this
comment, the drive will indeed see a wider rollout in the fullness of
time, however).
Personally I could care a less having had my second damned Xbox 360 die
on me recently (don t get me started on this, really " now got a PS3)
but if your Xbox 360 is still working and you re looking for extra
capacity (all important considering the increasing downloadable online
content available " such as films, TV shows, etc, etc) and you re
outside of Japan you ll need to wait for now and just hope that your MS
console holds out until the 250GB drive hits elsewhere.
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