Friday, 3 December 2010

Misleading iPad Ad Shows Adobe Flash Where It Shouldn’t Does Apple Falsely Advertise the iPad’s Web Browsing Features?

In case you haven t yet seen the Apple iPad keynote I ll tell you that
once again Steve Jobs has delivered again his own unique selling
performance. That s why Apple is so good at what it does. It has a
successful, visionary man that is not scared to pursue his dreams at the he

And that man knows how to sell a product particularly one that has been
already discussed for months on the Internets before its official
announcement. No matter what he s going to tell you about a product you
will want to buy it immediately. That s how good he is. And you should
see the keynote too in order to understand what I am talking about.
The iPad is a revolutionary device. He ll tell you that. He ll also tell
you how phenomenal it is to hold the Internet in your arms. That what
the iPad does. It s that easy! But perhaps it s so easy to hold the
Internet in your arms as it weighs a lot less without any Flash support
in it (you do remember that a while ago we measured the weight of the
Internet, don t you?)
I don t have a problem with the fact that the iPad doesn t have Flash
support. In fact I believe that a lot of people will buy the device just
because it s pretty cheap no matter if it still lacks most of the
features we wanted. I also believe that one way or the other this
problem will be addressed at some point in the future.
But like most people out there I do have a problem seeing Flash support
advertised in the iPad official ads. Because, you see, that s pretty
much false advertising in my book and someone, somewhere will be pretty
pissed at Apple for that. Cupertino shouldn t hide the fact that you won
t be able to take advantage of a true browsing experience without Flash
support, at least for now. If Flash is coming with iPhone OS 4.0 that s
another story but until then what we do know is that the iPad won t be
able to fully load those pages in the ad there because they contain
material developed with Flash.
Will Apple lose customers because of the lack of multitasking and Flash
support? No doubt they will do. But at the same time the average
consumer will not care that much and still buy a hot, affordable device.
In fact if iPad sales would have been available immediately after the
keynote I imagine that Apple would have made a killing selling it than
it would now. Because now we know what the iPad can t do.
iPad from Woodrow Jang on Vimeo.
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