Friday, 3 December 2010

BluTV Adds IPTV To Blu-Ray Players BluTV IPTV Platform Bringing Netflix, Other Channels, To Blu-Ray Players

IPTV may be the future but many people won't want to bother with things
like having to buy an IPTV-enabled media streaming box. Dreamer, a new
startup, is planning to bring IPTV to an existing device that people
might already have – a Blu-Ray player. Using BD-Live
internet-enabled Blu-Ray players, BluTV can create an IPTV platform.
The BluTV will be accessible to people who possess a BD-Live Blu-Ray
player via a firmware update from the manufacturer. BluTV will provide
traditional IPTV channels, like Netlflix, CNET, as well as a VOD service
that will rent and sell movies to customers. Right now, Oppo is the
first to support BluTV, and their BDP-83 player will support BluTV via a
firmware update.
In addition to movies and IPTV shows, the BluTv platform will also
support some interactive content, including games. Currently, the BluTv
platform is featuring up to 20 games. Nothing advanced, of course, but
simple games like chess, Sudoku and solitaire. Other interactive
features include weather and news widgets and a collage channel that
displays movie posters.
No word on how many manufacturers will actually enable their players to
play BluTV with a firmware update, but Dreamer was demoing the service
at CES earlier this month on a PlayStation 3. Currently, PS3 users have
to have a special DVD in their disc drive to use Netflix – and
BluTV could potentially allow them to use the Netflix IPTV channel
instead of having that disc in their drive.
It's no secret that physical media like Blu-ray discs are on the way out
in favor of digital media. Dreamer's BluTV IPTV service running on
Blu-ray players is a unique way that they're trying to bridge the cap
between the two.
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