Friday, 3 December 2010

Map2 Paper Map Does Zooming Too, Seriously Paper Map Doesn’t Need Complicated OS for Zoom; GPS Also Not Required

You d say that this paper map that I m about to show you isn t exactly a
piece of technology that you d want to employ when traveling to places
you have never been before. And you wouldn t be that wrong either. But
there is some tech involved into making a paper map that s capable to
zoom in and out whenever you need it, isn t there?
Sure you can always use your GPS-enabled phone and a navigation software
to get you where you re going. But if you re travelling for fun and you
re simply admiring the new town you re in then you ll find a paper map
far more convenient. It has no mobile OS, no touchscreen to annoy when
not pressing the right virtual buttons and no GPS waiting to give you
The Map2 concept is a simple paper map that needs your sense of
orientation and your two good eyes to work. And it s not just a simple
map. It s the kind of paper map that anyone of us would have wanted at
some point in our lives where cell phones were only able to make calls
and send messages.
So you ve got your Map2 in your hands, you know your current position
but you d want a closer look. How do you zoom? Well simply unfold the
section of your map you re interested in. The Map2 has four quadrants
that can be unfolded and folded to reveal a more detailed map of your
area or to hide when you re done.
Thus you won t have to deal with your smartphone anymore since you are
on vacation. No GPS, no incoming messages, just you, the Map2 and a new
city to explore. And if you don t own a smartphone yet, then that s an
extra reason to use the Map2 instead.
Currently the Map2 is available in London so if you re visiting the city
you could get one for just around $13.

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