Saturday, 4 December 2010

Intel and Micron To Produce 25nm, 600GB SSDs Dense New Micron Technology To Double SSD Capacity

Intel and it's memory hardware partners at Micron have begun producing
solid state storage prototypes with a new level of density.ย The new
Micron SSDs will feature 25 nanometer NAND f
lash storage, offering nearly double the density of the 34nm drives
produced last year.ย This could lead to 600GB SSDs which may be on the
market as soon as late 2010.
The new 25nm NAND flash storage devices produced by Intel and Micron
would provide a greater level of density thanks to liquid-based
immersion lithography.ย As compared to the older 34nm technology, the
new 25nm flash could fit 8GB of storage space on what would have made
room for only 4GB of storage beforehand.
This newer, dense storage technology would increase the max capacity for
Intel and Micron's new solid state drives.ย Micron's X25-M drives are
likely to ship with 160GB, 320GB and 600GB capacities using this tech,
while maintaining a very fast 200MB/s transfer rate.ย No word on an
actual date of when these will ship or even go into production, but
Intel and Micron have confirmed their intent and ability to do so.ย
Presently, reports are suggesting late 2010 , yet its too soon to
hammer out pricing.
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