Saturday, 4 December 2010

iMac Production on Track as Usual; Never Stopped According to Apple New iMac Firmware to Fix Flickering Screens?

Following up on yesterday s rumors that were telling us how Apple halted
the iMac production we now hear that Apple has denied the whole thing.
According to Cupertino production is underway and in case you want a new
iMac in your life then you d better get ready to purchase one.
An Apple spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that the new iMac has
been a �huge hit � and that explains the current lack of units ready to
be shipped. Production has not been stopped and in fact Apple is trying
to cope with huge demand as best it can.
In order to prove that production has not been stopped, at least not for
now anyway, Apple has updated the waiting deadline for getting a new
iMac. Now you ll have to wait two weeks to get it instead of the regular
three weeks wait we have seen since December.
Apple has also said that Apple has also been working on fixes ready to
deal with the flickering screens and the very annoying yellowish
problem. In fact Apple has released a new firmware fix that should in
theory address that flickering glitch that s currently bothering many
owners of the brand new 27-inch iMac.
The new 27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0 is the update that s
supposed to fix that intermittent display flickering. All you have to do
to get is go to the Mac OS X System Preferences app and check for new
Software Updates. That s the second fix Apple has issued to address this
matter and we might see Cupertino launch a third version soon.
Unfortunately for Apple the firmware isn t successful in 100% of cases.
The forums are still filled with complaints as some customers are
experiencing flickering issues even after the installation of the new
Will you order a new 27-inch iMac now or are you still waiting to see
Apple solve all iMac related problems first?
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