Friday, 3 December 2010

Boston Arcology Building Concept Is a City of Its Own Boa Floating Concept Ready for the Future?

Every now and then we find some curious concepts that are only possible
thanks to our up to date technology. Sure the Pyramids, and many other
impressive buildings have been raised in a time in which technology and
gadgets were not as advanced as today, or so we d like to think. But the
Boston Arcology building in the picture above will only be made possible
by our modern skills.The Boston Arcology building could be considered a
town of itsel
f. It has a very interesting shape and, although it doesn t really fit
with the Boston skyline, the box-shaped building might just be something
that we re going to see in the near future.
The Boa is going to offer lots of attractions. Besides housing 15,000
people in one place it will also hide inside various hotels, offices,
shops and museums. The entire building will rely on state of the art
technology but it also try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Wind
turbines, fresh water recovery and storage systems, passive glazing
system, sky garden heating/cooling vents, gray water treatment, solar
array banding panels, and harbor based water turbines are all going to
be used to make the whole ecosystem work.
Not only does it look spectacular and will it employ some daring
technology, but the Boa is also going to be a �floating city within a
city. � The foundation of the giant building should be made by a series
of poured concrete cells which get combined in order to form a buoyant
platform. Concrete and steel are going to be used to build such a
superstructure which could float despite its impressive dimensions.
The building should in theory be accomplished in about ten years and
just in case powerful people decide to go through with the project, we
ll be lurking in the shadows to tell you all about it.

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