Monday, 29 November 2010

Toshiba Ready To Release 64GB SDXC Card World's First 64GB SDXC Card Coming in Spring

Toshiba's North American division has developed the world's first 64GB
SDXC card, and they claim, the data can be transferred on and off the
card at the fastest transfer rate ever for the SD card form factor. The
fast transfer rates won't just stop at the high-end SDXC cards –
Toshiba is bringing the same transfer tech to their smaller, cheaper
SDHC cards.<
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This spring, Toshiba will unleash three new SD cards, the aforementioned
64GB SDXC card, as well as a 32GB card and 16GB card of the SDHC
variety. All three new cards will feature the new transfer tech,
bringing you a speed of 60Mbps read and 35 Mbps write. Toshiba's new
high speed interface is called UHS104 and as you'd guess, is highly
propitiatory proprietary.
All of the new cards will use CPRM copy protection to keep your data
secure, and they'll all use the standard SD card slots. The SDXC card
will use Microsoft's new exFAT file format (which is optimized for thumb
drives, got to assume it'll be handy on SD cards as well), while the
smaller cards will use the more conventional FAT32.
The SDXC standard applies to all SD cards that will feature memory
between 32GB and 2TB of storage. The older SDHC standard fits for 2GB
and 32GB of storage.ย As you can imagine, these cards won't be cheap.
No word on pricing has been announced, but speculation has the SDXC 64GB
card cost in excess of $600+
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